Proxy Farming Under the New NSW Strata Law

Savina YangApril 27th, 2017

What is proxy farming? If you happen to live in a strata title property, you may have heard of “proxy farming”, “proxy harvesting” or “stacking votes”. These terms all describe a process whereby one or more owners (a.k.a. the proxy farmers) of a strata scheme approach or persuade other owners, who are generally less active […]

What to look out for before buying a property

Savina YangFebruary 27th, 2017

If you are entering the property market for the first time as a home-owner, congratulations. This is going to be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make in your lifetime, especially in Sydney where property prices are labelled as “crazy”. So don’t throw caution to the wind, we are here to guide […]

Australia’s First Female Chief Justice of the High Court

Natalee VenegasNovember 29th, 2016

On 29 November 2016 it was announced that Justice Susan Kiefel would replace Chief Justice Robert French as Chief Justice of Australia’s High Court. The High Court was established in 1903 and Chief Justice Kiefel’s appointment marks the end of 113 years of males leading the High Court. She will take office on the first […]

Abandoned Goods and Illegally Parked Motor Vehicles on Common Property – NSW Strata Law Reforms

Savina YangOctober 29th, 2016

In one of our previous articles, I highlighted the difficulties faced by an owners corporation trying to deal with motor vehicles parked illegally on common property. Fear not strata dwellers: the owners corporation will soon have an avenue available to it to remove these vehicles, under the new Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and the […]

Should juries be reintroduced for civil trials?

Natalee VenegasMarch 31st, 2016

Last month, the NSW Bar Association, through its president Noel Hutley SC, called for juries to be reintroduced in civil matters in NSW.   While juries have previously been used in civil matters, section 85 of the Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW) and section 76A of the District Court Act 1973 (NSW) were amended in […]

A fun-filled February

Natalee VenegasFebruary 28th, 2016

Usually, the end of the holiday period means the fun has been had, the food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk. This has not been the case for the team at Lawyers Chambers. Easing us back into reality, the team had two (yes, two!) fun team building activities this February. The first […]

Lawyers Weekly feature

Amanda FarmerJune 3rd, 2015

Lawyers Weekly, Australia’s leading source of independent news, analysis and opinion about the business of law in Australia, features Lawyers Chambers here as a firm “breaking the mould” when it comes to the practise of law.  

Law and disorder: 4 business tips for parents trying to do it all

Amanda FarmerMay 10th, 2015

I started my legal practice when my son was six months old. That was nearly two years ago. The time between then and now has been a roller coaster of excitement, stress, joy, fear, exhilaration, frustration and absolute fulfillment. Whilst every day continues to hold new lessons for me, here’s what I have to share […]

Court of Appeal finds strata schemes may restrospectively approve legal action

Amanda FarmerJanuary 21st, 2015

December 2014 saw two decisions of the NSW Court of Appeal confirm the effect of section 80D of the Strata Schemes Management Act. This is the section that requires legal action to be approved by the general meeting if the reasonably estimated costs of taking that action exceed the amounts stipulated in the Regulation (currently $1000 […]

Our website featured on Women’s Agenda

Amanda FarmerJanuary 20th, 2015

Angela Priestly, the editor of Women’s Agenda, describes our website as “one of the most refreshing websites for a law firm” she has ever seen. Read her comments here.

Better get a lawyer son, better get a female one

Amanda FarmerJanuary 2nd, 2015

Editor’s note: adapted version of this article published by Women’s Agenda on 6 January 2015. Read it here.  One month ago we launched this new website. The feedback from our clients, colleagues and friends has been overwhelmingly positive. It seems many of you out there are just as excited as we are to be part […]

“Back off boys”: my letter to the editor

Amanda FarmerNovember 24th, 2014

My letter to the editor was the leading letter published in this month’s edition of the Law Society Journal.

When the executive committee “only have themselves to blame”

Amanda FarmerMarch 19th, 2014

“I should not allow these proceedings to expand by the introduction of greater complexity, more reasons for lining the pockets of lawyers and more grounds to occupy the time of the Court of Appeal. The members of the executive committee only have themselves to blame.”

These are the closing words of Justice Pembroke of the Supreme Court of NSW, confronted once more with a case he thought he had dismissed back in June 2013.

Law Society of NSW on the proposed reforms to strata law

Amanda FarmerFebruary 17th, 2014

Read the Law Society of NSW Property Law Committee’s views on the proposed reforms to NSW strata law here.

Our New Blog

Amanda FarmerSeptember 14th, 2013

Our blog is here!
Watch this space. We will be adding new blog posts very soon.