Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again

Hallie WarnockJuly 28th, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that this Texan finishes her time at Lawyers Chambers. After three years I have decided to dedicate my last semester of university to exploring my dreams of going into criminal law and the bar. It is important to me to take the time to express how grateful I am […]

To record or not to record? A strata living dilemma

Hallie WarnockJune 29th, 2016

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone which can record conversations at the press of a button. The dilemma of whether to ‘record or not to record’ sometimes arises for strata owners in the context of a strata meeting. During strata meetings (whether annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings or committee meetings), important matters are […]

Update on the kids who are suing Obama for climate change

Hallie WarnockApril 28th, 2016

Back in September I wrote this article about the landmark case that was filed in the U.S. by 21 youth plaintiffs who allege that their constitutional right to a healthy climate is being denied. They say that the U.S. Government “has known for decades that carbon dioxide (C02) pollution has been causing catastrophic climate change […]

The boy who cried “defamation!”

Hallie WarnockMarch 31st, 2016

At one point, Sydney was the defamation capital of the world, which is not hard to believe when it seems as though everyone is ready to cry “defamation” at any and every comment. However an action in defamation is not that simple.   What is defamation and what does the law actually protect? Does it […]

Speculation over US Supreme Court appointment trumps Donald

Hallie WarnockFebruary 28th, 2016

On 13 February 2016, the US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas at the age of 79.   I chose to cover this story because it’s pretty close to home, literally. The exclusive hunting ranch where Justice Scalia passed away is a mere 2 hour drive from my family’s ranch. […]

Dividing fences in disrepair: which neighbour has to pay?

Hallie WarnockJanuary 28th, 2016

If two neighbours share a fence and it is in need of some fixing up, who has to pay? Is one neighbour completely liable for the costs? What happens if a fence is dangerous and one neighbour is refusing to pay? Are any legal actions available to make the other neighbour pay? These questions and […]

Breakfast with Jane Caro

Hallie WarnockNovember 29th, 2015

On Thursday, 26 November, Lawyers Chambers attended a Women’s Agenda breakfast with Jane Caro as special guest. Jane gave tips on number of topics including tackling anxiety, the public/private school breakdown, and how to have confidence stepping into a new career.   I had never heard of Jane Caro, but after an hour breakfast with her as […]

What is a prescriptive easement?

Hallie WarnockOctober 30th, 2015

Hallie is currently enrolled in the Juris Doctor post-graduate law program at the University of Sydney. This semester one of her classes is Real Property and for this article she is sharing one of her law school lessons on a topic that she found particularly interesting – prescriptive easements.   Back in Texas, my neighbour’s […]

Judging climate change

Hallie WarnockSeptember 30th, 2015

Climate change threatens the survival of the Earth’s ecosystems, as well as the health and wellbeing of current and future generations. Given the enormity of these risks and the urgency of action, you would expect an appropriate response from governments. Yet what we mostly see are token gestures towards climate action side-by-side with new approvals for […]

Dallas Buyers Club – the next instalment

Hallie WarnockAugust 31st, 2015

Back in April I wrote an article about the outcome of the Dallas Buyers Club case. The Federal Court has since handed down a new decision. To understand this most recent judgment, a recap of what has happened thus far in the case is necessary. In summary, the first DBC case concerned whether ISPs (including […]

U.S. legalises same-sex marriage

Hallie WarnockJuly 30th, 2015

Back in March of this year I wrote an article about what Australia could learn from the United States for same-sex marriage rights. At the time the article was written a majority, but not all of the 50 states had legalised same sex marriage and the Supreme Court of the United States had yet to […]

The eyes of Texas are upon you: illegal downloaders beware

Hallie WarnockApril 22nd, 2015

In an age where few think twice before illegally downloading music, television shows and movies, a recent judgment might be the beginning to end of this cultural norm. In Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited [2015] FCA 317, the company who owns the rights to the blockbuster film Dallas Buyers Club, took action to […]

Same sex marriage: what Australia can learn from the United States

Hallie WarnockMarch 17th, 2015

On Thursday 12 March 2015, Cardozo School of Law Professor Edward Stein gave a lecture on same sex marriage rights in the United States and what Australia can learn from them on its own path to equality. This article was inspired by Stein’s speech. For more information on Professor Stein and his speech ‘What can […]

When the cat’s away, the kittens will play

Hallie WarnockFebruary 17th, 2015

On 5 February 2015, Lawyers Chambers on Riley was one of the few companies lucky enough to be a part of #uberkittens, a day where the transportation app, Uber, partnered with the Cat Protection Society to deliver kitten cuddles to offices throughout Sydney. Our 15 minutes of kitten heaven is described in detail below. For non-uber […]

Only in Texas….a creative response to a universal problem

Amanda FarmerFebruary 16th, 2015

Kirby Warnock, father of our very own Hallie, has come up with a creative and (apparently) very effective way to “stick it to the man,” as he puts it. Kirby is currently opposing the “spot zoning” of his hometown of Oak Cliff, Texas. A developer is proposing a subdivision which will result in 42 units […]