Caelan BruceOctober 26th, 2016

In the case of Colbert v MacDonald & Ors [2016] NSWSC 1291 (15 September 2016) the Supreme Court considered (a) the requirements of Adjudicators in complying with any statutory preconditions before exercising a power, and (b) whether Owners Corporations are required to circulate orders and notices from the Tribunal, in order to prevent individual lot […]

How You Could Save Up To $60,000 for Your Strata Building

Caelan BruceAugust 30th, 2016

Approximately 75% of Sydney residents live in apartment buildings. These vertical villages account for close to 40% of the area’s total water usage, 10% of its greenhouse gas emissions and around 50% of residential waste in Sydney. Did you know that your building could produce cost savings up to $60,000 on energy and water bills […]

Your Legal Rights: Pokémon Go, Going, Gone

Caelan BruceJuly 28th, 2016

There’s no denying that Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Chances are you just put down your phone right after catching your fifteenth Zubat in a row. Most likely in your eagerness to begin playing you also didn’t read the Terms and Conditions you agreed to: a serious mistake most of us repeatedly […]

The High Risk of Privatisation

Caelan BruceMay 30th, 2016

In early 2015, treasurer Gladys Berejiklian explained that “the NSW Government was launching a comprehensive scoping study to investigate future options for LPI including possible private investment”. As further outlined, the scoping study was to examine whether the private sector is better positioned than Government to run the operational side of the LPI’s business in […]

Introducing Caelan Bruce

Caelan BruceApril 28th, 2016

Having grown up in an overwhelmingly large Greek family on the Central Coast where legal practice was commonplace, I was immediately immersed into the world of probates and affidavits. At the young age of 15 – some would say a tad too eagerly – I found myself in my first role of serious authority in the legal […]