New ban on excessive credit card surcharges

Bianca BarryFebruary 28th, 2016

On 22 February 2016 the Commonwealth Parliament passed the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Payment Surcharges) Bill 2016 (“Bill”).   The purpose of the Bill is to amend the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 to ensure that payment surcharges are not excessive and reflect the actual cost of using the payment methods for which they are […]

A fun-filled February

Natalee VenegasFebruary 28th, 2016

Usually, the end of the holiday period means the fun has been had, the food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk. This has not been the case for the team at Lawyers Chambers. Easing us back into reality, the team had two (yes, two!) fun team building activities this February. The first […]

4 steps to running your office from the beach

Amanda FarmerJanuary 28th, 2016

With the first month of the year quickly coming to a close, memories of summer holidays are fading fast. If you’re anything like me, there are only so many days you can spend lazing before the itch starts – the itch to be productive, to feed the brain, to be purposeful. If you’re running your […]

Advice from a social media addict

Natalee VenegasOctober 29th, 2015

Social media is tricky. Even for someone who has grown up in the past two decades. I can’t tell you the number of times I have observed serious faux pas on social media. Luckily, this experience has enabled me to provide advice to those who may require some assistance in all things social media. This […]

You don’t know what they don’t know

Amanda FarmerJune 29th, 2015

Those of us working for strata communities have probably heard the following at least once: “Doesn’t the strata manager do that?” (or, even better, “doesn’t ‘the strata’ do that?”). A regular complaint of strata managers I work with is that the communities they manage – I’ll call them ‘clients’ – don’t understand the role of […]

A joint venture is a marriage – just don’t forget the pre-nup

Robert Van AalstMay 27th, 2015

You may be considering entering a joint venture. If you are, the following may be helpful. A Joint Venture is a Marriage Treat a joint venture like a marriage: easy to get in, a bugger to get out. They are complex, even if they appear simple on the surface. In legalese, a joint venture is […]

Law and disorder: 4 business tips for parents trying to do it all

Amanda FarmerMay 10th, 2015

I started my legal practice when my son was six months old. That was nearly two years ago. The time between then and now has been a roller coaster of excitement, stress, joy, fear, exhilaration, frustration and absolute fulfillment. Whilst every day continues to hold new lessons for me, here’s what I have to share […]

Doing business in China

Savina YangApril 22nd, 2015

I was born in China and moved with my parents to Australia when I was 10 years old. My knowledge of the etiquette around drinking and banqueting with Chinese clients and suppliers comes from my personal experience of drinking and dining with my father and his colleagues and business partners. One must observe the proper […]

Business structures: which one should you choose?

Savina YangFebruary 17th, 2015

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Do you know which business structure is right for you? Each structure attracts different legal and taxation consequences, so it is important to ensure that your particular business structure is flexible to accommodate changing circumstances, provides adequate asset protection, incurs minimal costs (in particular with respect to […]

“Do I really need a partnership agreement?”

Savina YangFebruary 17th, 2015

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Do you have one or more co-founders who want to join your start-up? Or, are you buying in to an established business? Or merging your successful brand with another’s? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may well need a partnership agreement. Partnership […]

Latte Magazine puts Amanda Farmer in the spotlight

Amanda FarmerDecember 17th, 2014

Read Amanda’s feature article in Latte Magazine’s December edition: