Our People

Our team offers a highly successful combination of experienced wisdom and bright ambition. We use the attributes that are important to us to achieve the result that’s important to you: integrity, intelligence, discipline, toughness, determination and fairness. Here’s an insight into who we are.


DIRECTOR B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)

Amanda Farmer

Amanda is the principal of Lawyers Chambers. A graduate of the University of Sydney’s law school with first class honours and an undergraduate major in English, Amanda has natural talent with language and a flair for creative problem solving.

Amanda has a specialist interest in strata and community titles, with considerable success acting as solicitor/advocate in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. With the Lawyers Chambers team, Amanda authors and conducts workshops for strata managers Sydney-wide, exploring difficult legal topics in a simple and concise way. Amanda has completed the Strata Services Specialist course with Strata Community Australia (NSW).

Amanda also deals with commercial matters, including joint ventures, partnerships, and businesses generally. Her clients include developers, local councils and registered clubs and pubs. Amanda is a team player and a tough but fair competitor. In a past life, prior to baby Callum entering the world, she has been a water polo squad leader, long distance ocean swimmer, cyclist and triathlete.

Amanda loves her family, her team, all things legal and anything involving her other baby: her motorcycle.

(02) 8262 6103 | Mobile: 0410 488 802 | amanda@lawyerschambers.com.au | Linkedin


Paralegal/Law Student

Natalee Venegas

Natalee joined the Lawyers Chambers team in 2014 when she was at the start of her Law and Media (PR and Advertising) studies at University of NSW.

At that point in time she was at a crossroads deciding whether to continue studying law or medicine and wished to gain some practical legal experience. Two years later and in her third year of her double degree, she is still with us. Natalee is not one to boast so we will do it for her. She completed her Higher School Certificate in 2013 in the top 1% in the state and won a scholarship for academic excellence. She studied drama whilst in high school and performed a season of work in the UK at the age of 16. Natalee is analytical and creative and has the benefit of high intellectual and emotional intelligence…a rare thing. This combination of talents enables Natalee to combine her studies, work, a devotion to family, friends and colleagues as well as time to develop an Instagram blog on the latest bridal trends for her 150,000 followers and growing.

Lawyers Chambers is proud of its creative edge and spirit so when Natalee came it was not rocket science for all of us to think she was a perfect fit. Like a duck to water Natalee has applied her talents to every legal task as if she has nothing else on her plate and immersed herself in strata disputes, debt recovery, general litigation and wills and estates. Social media and PR are part and parcel of a modern boutique legal practice and Natalee is our social media guru. We are proud to have her and believe when she admitted as a lawyer she will be a great benefit to our profession.

(02) 8262 6105 | natalee@lawyerschambers.com.au | Linkedin