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Our Expertise

A close-knit and experienced team of straight-shooters, our starting point is to understand your commercial imperative. Let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do than worry about your latest legal headache. That’s why you’ve briefed us.

We know how to get to the heart of the matter, quickly, and with the least possible discomfort to you (we won’t pretend it’s ever comfortable). It’s not our style to lead you on and you’ll soon know where we think you stand.

We advise. You decide.

Strata & Community Titles

We have collectively over 40-years’ experience in strata litigation (NCAT and the courts), building defects disputes, debt recovery, contracts, development documents, by-law drafting and enforcement, and general advice and representation to strata and community title stakeholders.

Amanda Farmer is an accredited Strata Services Specialist. Both Amanda Farmer and Robert Van Aalst are members of the NSW branch of Strata Community Australia and regular sponsors of the SCA’s events. Amanda authors and conducts workshops for strata managers Sydney-wide, exploring difficult legal topics in a simple and concise way.

We wish to convey our admiration for the skilful speech you gave at the AGM last night, members of the committee after our later meeting communicated to us that your response…was adept and appropriate and had a major effect in determining the final outcome. We also appreciate the work you conducted on our behalf and especially your time spent out-of-hours in dealing with this and other matters.

Secretary, executive committee, Sydney strata scheme.

Your expert advice was more than enough to have the Executive Committee pass our request…without having to draw up a new by law and have approval at the AGM. We are very grateful.

Strata lot owner within a community scheme, Sydney.

I have just completed a review of the facility manager’s draft agreement…and just wanted you to know what a great job you did with the drafting and our appreciation that this was completed so promptly. Your draft was very comprehensive and covered all the objectives of the brief you were given. Very much appreciate your insight and professional advice on what was far from a standard facility management arrangement.

Senior executive management, strata management organisation, Sydney


We provide an all-round advisory service to those dealing with property-related transactions. Including: drafting or settling retail and commercial leases; drafting and advising on mortgage terms and conditions; all legal documentation in property development and sale transactions; representation in all types of disputes. And yes, we do handle conveyancing matters for our select group of clients.


We practice in all jurisdictions, from the NSW Local Court to the Court of Appeal and High Court, as well as the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Land and Environment Court.

Our office has the specific structure required of litigation practices: the experience and ability to provide high level strategic advice, along with integrated efciencies to ensure your matter runs as smoothly and cost efectively as possible.

We take a pragmatic approach to litigious matters. If you are best placed to resolve the case without recourse to litigation, or to bring litigation to a swift conclusion, we will be the ones to tell you so. On the other hand, if you have a matter worth fighting for, we will be with you each step of the way.

I doubt if we could have achieved the outcome without your help and those of your team. I believe I can also safely say…you have provided excellent service and even beyond and above what was required. To this, we sincerely appreciate it and thank you.


Part of our privilege as lawyers is being able to gain an insight in to your many and varied businesses. We believe we aren’t doing our job unless we discover just what it is that makes you tick (and keep ticking). It is only then that we can properly help you with your commercial requirements: contracts, complaints, structuring, trade practices, consumer issues, due diligence. We cover all the bases because we know you do.

Thanks for the work and time on my franchise agreement, very comprehensive. You clarified and articulated many concerns I had, plus alerted me to issues I had not previously noticed. Very much appreciated.

Financial advisor, international financial services company.

You immediately understood the aim and did what was needed to achieve it. Thank you for your solid guidance and fearless representation.

Retired CEO, registered club.


It almost goes without saying: prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, some of us are remembered for all the wrong reasons. We help you do all you can to ensure you and your loved ones don’t fall into that category.

We can assist you with the drafting of your will (which is usually more important that you realise), power of attorney and guardianship documents.

We also deal with estate disputes, with particular experience in the Supreme Court acting for executors defending claims for Family Provision and other claims arising under the Probate and Administration Act.

Your attention and efficiency during this difficult time is very much appreciated. I feel very confident when I know you are leading this case.

Executor of deceased estate, defendant to Supreme Court proceedings