Meet Gabrielle

I have just joined Lawyers Chambers after extensive travel throughout the past 12 months. As an independent and inquisitive person that enjoys broadening their horizons, I decided to spend a semester of my university degree studying abroad in England, the home of our legal system. This was an incredible experience that allowed me to develop my understanding of the British legal system from an academic perspective and first-hand by attending courts. I now feel I have developed a thorough understanding and appreciation of the way in which the Australian legal system has developed and evolved from its British roots.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to travel to both the Philippines and China as a representative of Western Sydney University. Attending the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations in Manila allowed me to exchange ideas with an accomplished range of professionals and talented young students from around the globe.

As part of my experience in China I attended classes on Chinese culture and interacted with many Chinese students. This was extremely eye-opening and developed my appreciation for the vast array of opportunities I have as an Australian student. I feel that I have gained an invaluable insight into the Chinese culture which undoubtedly will assist me in the future due to Australia’s strong trade relationship with China and the large and growing Chinese community in Sydney and throughout Australia.

As a first year student I was very eager to gain practical experience in the legal profession and develop an understanding of how my academic studies would translate into practice. I was fortunate to gain a role as a litigation legal clerk, which I held for 15 months prior to my overseas travel. As a now third-year student and having returned from my overseas travel in July, I was eager for a new challenge. I was instantly attracted to Lawyers Chambers due to the friendly team environment and progressive attitude. The unique and open-plan office space is just one of the many demonstrations of the modern attitude of Lawyers Chambers which instantly made me feel welcome and demonstrated to me the non-conventional nature of the legal practice. I am very excited to be a member of the Lawyers Chambers team and look forward to being part of the bright future Lawyers Chambers has ahead.  

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