How to legally record a strata meeting

We have previously written about the recording of strata meetings using a recording device. I also covered it in episodes 020 and 024 of my podcast.

Further to those posts, if you do want to record your strata meeting using a recording device, I recommend resolving a motion at the beginning of your meeting.

Here is my suggested wording for a simple motion to that effect:

“THAT this meeting be audio recorded by ________ [insert name and position of person recording the meeting – for example: “John Smith, Chairperson” or “Bronwyn White, owner lot 22”] such audio recording remaining in the custody and control of _______________ [insert name and position – this would usually be the same person who records the meeting, but may be your strata managing agent]. The audio recording will be made available to lot owners at their request.”

The chairperson should ask if anyone is opposed to this motion. If no one present (either in person or by proxy) opposes the motion, then the minutes should record: “No one opposed this motion and the meeting was recorded”.


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